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Music breath – olfactory performance

ARTMIX created “Music breath” olfactory performance to plunge into the world of feelings and emotions, expand the boundaries of a common world and find new sources of inspiration, new ideas, a new system of perception.

Music breath, Margo Bor, Egor Zvezdin, Artmix, Anna Marushenko, Marina Khudih

Performance of a new arrangement

In our World of fragmentary visual perception we seek for cordially new sources of inspiration. We bet on eyesight and neglect other senses given us by nature. But actually, touch, taste, smell and hearing are as important as eyesight. What we see mostly influences our brain and logical thinking. But other senses cooperate with our emotions and subconscious.

It is well known that classical music influences our emotions considerably. At the same time the smell is our conductor into the world of subconscious. Very often we do not mind these senses, though they really bring us great number of information and create a strong psychological background. Just imagine what if we eliminate the eyesight during the concert of classical music? The other senses escalate. And first of all we listen carefully and smell stronger. That is why during the performance we propose to influence this senses intentionally. Beautiful piano music by Bach, Skriabin, Prokofiev and Pärt together played by Marina Khudykh with carefully chosen fragrances by Anna Marush.

Music Breath is a project about brand-new non-visual reality. It gives us a chance to dive into the unique artistic and very personal experience.