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Co-founders of ARTMIX are Art-Producers Egor Zvezdin and Margo Bor. Their company is the essence of large creative activities that the guys have been implementing for more than 10 years. During that period, creative teams with or under the control of Egor and Margo had executed more than 70 event projects of various degrees of complexity. Usually that was made in cooperation with brands and cultural events.

Co-founders ARTMIX

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ARTMIX was established in 2018. The activities of the bureau covered Russia and Europe from the start. By 2020 six ambitious art projects have been implemented. One of them, “Alceste Assembly of Art” was shortlisted for the Kuryokhin Prize in the nomination Best Festival of Contemporary Art.


Egor Zvezdin artist art producer co-founders artmix

Artist, stylist, event-manager and art-producer. He started his career in fashion industry in 2006. Over 10 years of practice, he organized fashion shows in Paris, Moscow, Hamburg, Riga, Beijing and St. Petersburg. At the same time he participated in the organization of luxury events like concerts and parties supported by big alcohol brands.

Carried away by fashion, he started to work as a personal style guide. However, this was not enough for a full artistic expression.

In 2016, Egor presented his first personal art exhibition in St. Petersburg. It was called “The Crisis of Humanism.” 

There were seven audiovisual diptychs, with glitched images transforming one into another. In some pieces, there were explicit references to the works of Late Renaissance Masters. Others were a reflection of present times, drowned in violence and hedonism.

Looking back at the experience of Old Masters, Egor highlighted the ideas of the contemporary crisis of humanistic ideas, where technological progress turned means into goals and even into a pop-culture.

“Crisis of Humanism” formed the creative style and philosophical discourse of the artist.

In 2018, together with Margo Bor, Egor founded ARTMIX production bureau to implement his own creative plans and plans of invited participants.

In 2020 there are plans to implement several personal art projects and projects for ARTMIX.


Margo Bor, creator, art producer

Margo is a professional Event and Brand Manager. She has grown from Junior Administrator to Executive Director of a public event agency and Deputy Director of a local television channel. She launched TV project from the scratch along with a team of the strongest top managers.

It was an interesting and useful stage of life, when Margo gained enormous experience in organizing events of different levels from chamber parties to large public fests for several thousand of participants.

Margo is a true adept of sequential marketing. Therefore, projects with her participation always have a strong creative concept, an integrated communication campaign, and affiliate brands to receive organic integration.

In 2015 she created the first project in Russia on bar culture: DCW Magazine. Later it gained international cover and is the herald of the Russian bar community abroad by now. Publications regularly come both in Russian and in English.

Since 2016 Margo has been teaching at leading business schools of Russia, providing consultations and corporate trainings in Branding, Public Relations and Strategic Communications.

In 2018 she teamed up in a creative union with Egor Zvezdin, founding the production bureau ARTMIX. Here she acts as a co-author of creative projects and an Art Producer.


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