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Альцеста. Фестиваль digital barocco. Alceste fest

Education of Senses – baroque performance in a digital environment

The concept of the event was built on the disclosure of the baroque theory of “Education of senses” and its adaptation for contemporary audience.

Date: May 18, 2018

Form: Musical theatrical performance, video art + exhibition

Venue: Residence of Arts and Technologies Quartariata, Peterhof, Russia

Number of guests: 250 people

Education of senses

Each of the five senses corresponded to its own part of the performance. Sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste. Everything was involved into the process and interconnected elegantly.

Before the show, guests could visit an art exhibition, curated by Irena Kuksenayte. The works of Andrey Bartenev, Andrey Khlobystin, Irena Kuksenayte, Valery Katsuba, Stas Bags and other artists adorned the interior of the Quartariata Art Residence.

Art performance combined baroque philosophy and modern dynamics. Odes and fables of Russian poets from 18th century: Lomonosov and Sumarokov, video art and a neat synthesis of classical and electronic music were finished by immersion play. During the performance, the actors treated the audience with fruits and sprayed them with Louis XVI’s favorite perfume. At the same time, from the bright light they plunged the hall into darkness and filled it with dense club smoke.

Artists and musicians

Danila Vedernikov – baroque actor, stage director;

Barocco Concertato – ensemble of early music by Maria Krestinskaya ;

Alex Ronin – electronics and sound production; 

Video art by Morgan Korolkov.