Дыхание музыки, ARTMIX, Илья Измайлов, Никита Король, Марго Бор, Егор Звездин, Capsmell, музыкально-литературный вечер, культура, перетрбург, перформанс

In January 2021, ArtMix Studio elaborated the successful idea of Music Breath performance presenting Winter Breath. In collaboration with perfume nano coworking “Capsmell” and retailing perfumery company “Exility Group” we united to create an unusual and sensual synaesthetic performance of a new kind.

While the general concept with blackout and perfumery from Music Breath has been preserved, we altered and broadened the content.

Devoted to the winter time, this concert contains life music by cello and artist performance reading poetry about winter days and feelings.

Guests plunged into the literary and musical world expanding the boundaries of their perception due to a specially selected aromatic palette of French and Italian niche perfumery.

The premiere took place in January 2021 in St. Petersburg.