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Egor Zvezdin at Gamma Festival 2019

In 2019, the project of our dreams will get started. Within Gamma_LAB AI by Gamma Festival 2019, a whole team of specialists and real Artificial Intelligence under the careful curation by Natalia Fuchs will be engaged in writing music in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach. With the help of Machine Learning, we will try to complete one of the unfinished concerts of this great composer.

Gamma Festival 2019

Within the Laboratory Egor Zvezdin is responsible for the idea, as well as for curation of a group of performers who will produce a new musical text in Bach’s style. Together with Alexander Kiryanko, they are responsible for the classical musical base and the peculiarities of live performance.

The results will be presented to the public in mid-summer, at Gamma Festival 2019.

Honestly, this is an exciting moment. What will happen? It is not clear yet, but the process has started, and this is already a half-way to obtain a result!